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Greece is really an open-air museum. With 17 listed UNESCO World Heritage sites, there is something interesting for everyone. Whether you are breezing through Athens on your way to the islands or just there for a short trip, take the time and go up the Acropolis and experience the grandeur of the Parthenon. Athens, being the center of Ancient Greek civilization, has an endless list of significant sites to visit. Regardless of which destination you choose, from Crete to Thessaloniki, and from Corfu to Rhodes, there is always something of great historical significance to encounter.

The key to any site-seeing excursion is the guide. We work with the top tour guides in Greece, who specialize in all languages and have experience working with heads of states and Fortune 500 companies, giving you the ultimate VIP experience. Many of our tour guides hold degrees in history and archaeology, so you’ll truly get an enriched insight into each location. Upon request, we offer private viewings at certain museums and popular sites.

Even if you are visiting Greece for its natural beauty or island party scene, you’ll stumble on something ancient. It’s our job to make sure your itinerary is packed with the best that Greece has to offer. Additionally, we provide itineraries that focus on Greece’s rich history. This way, you can visit all the major archaeological sites in just a 10-day period.