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Active Activity

For those travellers looking for a more active vacation, Greece and its diverse geography offer more than a fair share of options. From hiking up Mount Olympus, and white water rafting on the Pinios River, to mountain climbing the cliffs of Kalymnos (which by the way is one of the top mountain climbing destinations worldwide) there are several activities for those who want to explore Greece’s mountains.

And for that matter, there is no shortlist of activities for those that prefer the sea to the mountain. From cliff diving in Santorini, to wind and kite surfing in Paros, scuba diving and sailing almost anywhere, take your pick. For those more eclectic sportsmen, Greece has some of the deepest waters in the entire Mediterranean perfect for sport fishing, whether that’s pole fishing for big fish off the southern coast of Crete or spearfishing off the shallow waters of most islands.

And to do all these activities in the unique nature that Greece has is something special. As Greece never developed a true industrial economy the result has been an almost virgin environment incomparable to that of other southern European countries.