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Mar 1, 2024 - Fri
Rethymno GR
Wind 11 km/h, SE
Pressure 1 atm
overcast clouds
Humidity 63%
Clouds 100%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri mar 1
66°F /57°F 11 km/h, SSE 69% 1 atm
sat mar 2
61°F /55°F 13 km/h, SSW 82% 1 atm
sun mar 3
61°F /55°F 3 km/h, WSW 75% 1 atm
mon mar 4
62°F /56°F 9 km/h, S 81% 1 atm
tue mar 5
61°F /55°F 14 km/h, W 71% 1 atm



Passport Validity

Six months of remaining validity recommended.

Visa Requirements

Not required if you have European passport

Language Spoken

Greek - English

Currency Used


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Renaissance Appearance


The City of Rethymno

Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete and a fast-growing urban centre still retaining the character of its Renaissance appearance. Without exaggeration, it is one of the most attractive cities in Greece preserving its wealth of history and one of the best surviving Venetian cities. In the old town, Renaissance architectural elements of the Venetian era co-exist with Ottoman structures while the rich history of the city is in step with the development of modern tourism. In the summer, Rethymno attracts visitors from all over the world for the exploration of the greater area and indeed the whole island, whilst in the winter the students of the local University bring a buzz to the place.



Rethymno maintains its long cultural tradition with events such as the Renaissance Festival that is held there every summer. Also, the Rethymno Carnival has witnessed great developments in recent years drawing in lots of visitors every spring.


Explore Rethymno

When taking a walking tour around the city, one realizes the main attractions are all concentrated in the old town which is worth exploring without any preconceived route. By just walking along the narrow alleys of Rethymno you can discover the picturesque spots and the architectural treasures of the Venetian times.

However, the most relaxing and laid-back part of the city is the water – front esplanade with its numerous cafés and bustling restaurants scattered over the sandy shore.


Unique Experiences – Visit the Village of Anogia

The picturesque village of Anogia is a 55km drive from Rethymno. Its history reaches the end of centuries as indicated by the Doric expressions used in the local dialect. The people of Anogia helped significantly in the fight against all conquerors. The village was destroyed twice, the first time in 1822 by the Turks and the second on August 15th, 1944, by the Germans. The people of Anogia are very different from the other Cretans. They keep the tradition alive as far as clothing, food, dialect, and social gatherings are concerned. The local costume is very famous here. From Anogia, one should visit Mount Psiloritis and Idaion Andron. Do not miss the chance to eat at a local tavern and experience impeccable Cretan hospitality.

Getting There

Getting There

Rethymno is not directly connected to the rest of Greece. However, one can use the airports and ports of the cities of Heraklion and Chania from anywhere there are daily scheduled flights and ferries between Athens and many other major European capitals. The drive from either Chania or Heraklion takes about an hour and 15 minutes.