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Affordable Activity

Our affordable luxury line is targeted to those travelers who appreciate high-quality products and services but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them. This really is a result of our 50-year experience in Greece and having visited and stayed in most destinations and hotels, we are able to custom design experiences that are unique and memorable at a reasonable cost. So instead of staying at a 5-star deluxe hotel part of a global chain at 400 Euro a night, we will suggest you stay at a 5-star deluxe hotel part of a Greek hotel chain. Why charter a motor yacht when it’s above your budget, go ahead and charter a sailing yacht, and get more or less the same experience at half the cost.

Furthermore, certain destinations are by themselves more affordable than others. Avoid Mykonos and Santorini and choose to visit Paros and Alonissos which provide similar experiences at much lower rates. Also avoid high season rates which tend to be in June, July and August. May and September are much quieter periods, with great temperatures, not too hot, and less crowds everywhere from the beaches to the museums to the restaurants. One last method that we use to make certain experiences more affordable is through special offers. Our close partnerships with the best hotels in Greece, gives us priority when offers are announced, allowing us some time to be able to inform our clients and partners before the special offers sell out or expire. Either way, we will work within the limits of your budget to offer you the experience you are looking for.