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In all truth, an event is not made up of exclusive venues, fancy food, vintage wine, and great entertainment, it’s made up of people, be these friends, family or business associates. However, if you can make sure your guest list shows up, we will make sure everything else is perfect and planned to the tee!

Whether you are thinking of doing a destination wedding and have chosen Santorini for your big day, or you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary and want to celebrate below the Acropolis by booking the restaurant terrace at the New Acropolis Museum, we will make to create an unforgettable celebration for you and your guest. Just like any other normal request, we first work on understanding our client’s needs and wants, and then make specific suggestions according to these in order to inform the client of what options are available.

Our knowledge and experience in organizing events also extends beyond the lifestyle realm into the corporate. So if you are looking for that right incentive to motivate your sales team maybe a sailing competition or a treasure hunt based on Greek mythology on the foothills of Mt. Olympus is what you are looking for.