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Jul 24, 2024 - Wed
Santorini GR
Wind 15 km/h, NW
Pressure 0.99 atm
clear sky
Humidity 65%
Clouds -
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed jul 24
80°F /79°F 33 km/h, NNW 78% 0.99 atm
thu jul 25
80°F /79°F 33 km/h, NNW 77% 0.99 atm
fri jul 26
80°F /78°F 35 km/h, NNW 74% 0.99 atm
sat jul 27
81°F /79°F 35 km/h, NNW 76% 1 atm
sun jul 28
79°F /78°F 28 km/h, N 76% 1 atm



Passport Validity

Six months of remaining validity recommended.

Visa Requirements

Not required if you have European passport

Language Spoken

Greek - English

Currency Used


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The Stunning Volcano Island


The Island of Santorini

Santorini is truly unique, not only for Greece but worldwide. This iconic destination is most known for its breathtaking views of the red and brown layers of volcanic ash that make up its famous cliffs. In fact, everything seems to be perched on these cliffs from its many boutique luxury hotels to its fabulous restaurants. It’s no surprise that it consistently shows up on the top 10 lists of the most romantic vacation spots in the world.

In terms of accommodation, Santorini just might be the luxury boutique hotel capital of the world! It is the traditional architecture of small houses built in the side of the cliffs that make these properties unique. The amazing caldera views will make you feel like your room is part of the blue waters of the Aegean! Our selection is based on best views, location, ease of access, and of course a high standard of service. Note that many caldera properties have many stairs, making it unsuitable for older guests and very young children.



Because of the high quality of visitors who flock to Santorini each year, the island has a reputation for being exclusive. In the past few years, some of the most talented Greek chefs have opened restaurants here. Their cuisine is part of the good food movement of contemporary Greek cuisine and the many local recipes of the island which are based on the high quality of ingredients produced on the island’s nutritious volcanic soil. Fava beans and tomatoes, being the most popular of these ingredients, along with the famous Santorini wine make for a gastronomic experience of the highest quality. However, the difficult part is not knowing where to eat as much as securing tables at these establishments, even in the peak season of August.


The Beaches of Santorini


The beach follows a smooth descent. You will notice as you approach, there are two large chimneys. One is directly behind the beach and is one nearby. Don’t worry about this because this factory is no longer in use and the brick structures are quite pleasant to look at.


The beach of Monolithos is close to the beach of Kamari, in the area near the airport of Santorini. It is quite popular among the locals, especially families. It is long with black sand and shallow waters, well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Red Beach

Red Beach is arguably one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Santorini. It is located only some steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri. The small size of the beach creates a much-crowded atmosphere, and there are many days where visitors choose not to make it all the way down to the beach and instead admire this unique landscape of red and black volcanic rocks from the headland. Access to the beach is relatively simple. You can leave your car at the parking space and continue all the way down to the beach – taking only about two minutes. As you gradually get down to the beach, you will be impressed by the different colors of the cliffs. Many sunbeds and umbrellas cover the dark sand. Snorkeling is highly recommended due to the interesting rocks!

White Beach

The cove right next to the Red beach, on the southern side of Santorini, is known as the White Beach. It is very similar to the Red Beach, with black pebbles on the shore, only that the surrounding cliffs are white. This beach is accessible by boat or on foot from the Red Beach. It is less popular than the neighboring cove and therefore quieter. It doesn’t have facilities, except for some umbrellas and sun beds along the coast, although the surrounding rocks provide some shade.


Unique Experiences – Private Sunset Sailing Cruise

Charter a private sailing yacht and cruise along the Caldera, Thirassia and the crater of the volcano. Enjoy dinner the unique sunset of Santorini on board and in total privacy!

Getting there

Getting There

BY AIRPLANE – Santorini Airport is served by domestic flights from Athens Airport and direct flights from major European cities.

BY FERRY – The island is easy to reach by boat from the port of Piraeus. The journey takes 4 hours if you take the highspeed ferry and twice that time on the conventional ferry. Santorini is also connected to the rest of the Cyclades with daily trips to Paros, Mykonos, Naxos, and Crete. Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, we will suggest the best islands you can combine in Santorini & Mykonos.