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Cultural Activity

As with many other European countries, Greek culture is heavily influenced by Christianity. This is evident in the many festivals that happen all over Greece, corresponding to holidays on the Christian calendar. Still, all these festivals and traditions have been infused with local culture and to a certain degree, pre-Christian pagan traditions.

The busiest time of the year for these festivals are Christmas, Easter and the Assumption of Mary. Certain festivals are completely unique and deserve a closer examination. Ikaria, for example, is one of the least visited destinations in Greece by foreign visitors, and yet in August, the island turns into a party town.

Other unique festivals in Greece include the Anastenarides of northern Greece, believers who walk on burning coals, the many carnivals of Fat Tuesday, the breaking of the pots in Corfu at Easter to rid of the evil spirits and many more. Depending on when you visit and the destinations you choose, we will try to work at least one of these festivals into your itinerary.