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Romantic Activity

Greece is the birthplace of almost everything! Ok now that’s an exaggeration but at least we can say that Eros is 100% Greek even though he was later made famous by the Romans with the name Cupid. Either way, the point is that Greece is the perfect destination for those looking for some romance. It’s a combination of many things: its beautiful nature, the high mountains rising from the blue waters of the Aegean; its playful cuisine, eating with your hands and feeding mezes to each other; and the best climate of all of Europe.

For those looking for the perfect honeymoon, the options are once again endless. From the classic option of Santorini for those looking to be inspired by its unique landscape, to Elounda in Crete with its many exclusive resorts, and to the more quiet and low key islands of Folegandros and Sifnos, to the totally off the beaten track destinations of Monemvasia and Alonissos, it really all depends on what is important for you.

So whether you are looking for the perfect honeymoon, or if you are just looking for a vacation for just the two of you, while the kids enjoy summer school or camp, come to Greece and rediscover each other again: body & soul.