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Family Activity

Families require a special kind of planning when it comes to their holidays. Especially when traveling with young children, a vacation with the family can feel more like work than rest. But fear not, we have found a way to give your family everything they need to enjoy the holiday. Furthermore, Greece offers itself to family vacations incorporating culture and history for educational purposes and endless beach fun for the more relaxing part of your trip.

We make sure that all hotels, restaurants, and transfer vehicles are children friendly, if not, specifically designed to accommodate children. So, sip on your cocktail at the beach while reading your book, rest assured that your children are having a blast in one of the many deluxe hotel children’s programs. At these programs, children get the chance to learn about marine life, or how the sun and the moon affect the tides.

Whatever they will be doing, will be fun, developmental and supervised by childcare professionals in the company of other children their age. Also, if you and your partner fancy a night out on the town, we offer babysitting services depending on which destination you are visiting.

Remember, family vacations are all about those memories that are shared by every family member. For this reason, we try to design experiences that are interesting to everyone. We make sure that our tour guides have experience with young children and can keep them entertained. For instance, I can assure you that no child has ever been bored climbing the Acropolis. Some things that generate awe can be experienced by individuals regardless of age, even if it’s for different reasons.