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Mar 1, 2024 - Fri
Hydra GR
Wind 29 km/h, ESE
Pressure 1 atm
overcast clouds
Humidity 82%
Clouds 100%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri mar 1
60°F /58°F 34 km/h, ESE 79% 1 atm
sat mar 2
60°F /57°F 10 km/h, WNW 76% 1 atm
sun mar 3
59°F /57°F 6 km/h, NNW 73% 1 atm
mon mar 4
61°F /56°F 5 km/h, SSW 75% 1 atm
tue mar 5
60°F /54°F 25 km/h, W 68% 1 atm



Passport Validity

Six months of remaining validity recommended.

Visa Requirements

Not required if you have European passport

Language Spoken

Greek - English

Currency Used


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The Most Impressive Island of the Argosaronic Gulf


The Island of Hydra

Due to its proximity to Athens, this island is a popular weekend destination. Hydra is among the most impressive islands of the Argo Saronic Gulf. The special thing about Hydra Island is that cars and other motor vehicles are entirely prohibited thus all transports are conducted on foot, by boat or with donkey taxis. In fact, the cute donkeys are very characteristic figures of Hydra.

This island is great for hiking with paths leading to old mansions and monasteries in the countryside. Holidays in Hydra will give you unique moments of true relaxation. Beaches on the island are small coves with crystal water and green surroundings. Agios Nikolaos, Bisti, Vlichos and Kaminia are the most beautiful beaches on the island.


The Slaughterhouse Project

Every summer, the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art hosts a series of exhibitions on the island of Hydra at its unique premises, an old slaughterhouse. The DESTE Foundation Project in Hydra was established in 2009 in the island’s former slaughterhouse, a strange and evocative place, freighted with an eerie history.

Although the space was recently restored and renovated, it retains many of its former features. Its past is still visible, and its original identity largely preserved. A great suggestion for those visiting the island!

Getting There

Getting There

Hydra is only accessible by ferry – just 2 hrs. from Athens. Regular daily itineraries with speed catamarans are available from the port of Piraeus. Hydra is also connected to the rest islands of the Argosaronic Gulf (Aegina, Poros, and Spetses). Ask us to book a seat for you to discover this lovely island complex!