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Dec 7, 2022 - Wed
Spetses GR
Wind 13 km/h, SSE
Pressure 1 atm
overcast clouds
Humidity 71%
Clouds 98%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed dec 7
62°F /60°F 15 km/h, SSE 71% 1 atm
thu dec 8
63°F /61°F 5 km/h, NW 77% 1 atm
fri dec 9
64°F /62°F 6 km/h, NW 73% 1 atm
sat dec 10
66°F /63°F 11 km/h, WNW 64% 1 atm
sun dec 11
67°F /62°F 30 km/h, SSE 75% 0.99 atm



Passport Validity

Six months of remaining validity recommended.

Visa Requirements

Not required if you have European passport

Language Spoken

Greek - English

Currency Used


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The Argosaronic Island of Perfumes


The Island of Spetses

Spetses belongs to the Argosaronic Gulf islands complex (together with Poros, Aegina, and Hydra). Due to its proximity to Athens, it’s very popular as a round-the-year weekend destination. Spetses was named by the Venetians as “The Island of perfumes.” It is a beautiful car-free island with wonderful sandy beaches and secluded bays.


The History

The island played an integral part in the Greek Revolution from the Ottoman rule and the subsequent birth of the Modern Greek state. When the Greek Revolution broke out in 1821, Spetses was the first of the Greek islands that raised the flag of the Revolution the morning of April 3rd, 1821, in the patron saint church of St. Nicholas, located in the old harbor.


Atmosphere & Nightlife

Regarding accommodation, the island offers a variety of boutique hotels that respect and preserve its unique character and architectural style. Spetses is a place with vivid nightlife, particularly during the summer weekends when many Athenians visit the island for a weekend break. The most popular nightlife spot in Spetses is the old port, lined with many bars and clubs that stay open all night.


Unique Experiences – Armata

Every year, the second weekend of September is dedicated to commemorating the events of the battle of September 8th, 1822, in which the Turkish flotilla was torched. The events culminate with a re-enactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship in the harbor. Even today, all fishing boats and sea-taxis hoist the blue and red flag of the revolution.

Getting There

Getting There

BY FERRY – Spetses is accessible by ferry in just 2 hrs. from Athens. Regular daily itineraries with speed catamarans are available from the port of Piraeus. Spetses is also connected to the rest islands of the Argosaronic Gulf (Aegina, Poros, and Hydra). Ask us to book a seat for you to discover this lovely island complex!

BY CAR – It will take you 2.5 hours to drive to Costa, the shore right opposite Spetses, and then about 10 minutes to reach the port of Spetses with the sea taxi. If you do not plan to continue your vacation to Peloponnese, we recommend you take the ferry option as it is the more relaxed and has a shorter travel time.